Quantitative Market Research

Yes, but can you measure that?

In measurement, correlation does not always imply causation.

When you need something statistically valid or need to look at your individual segments, verticals, and targets, Level 7’s quantitative expertise will help you capture those results. We believe in concrete data to help you measure past experiences or project future needs. Quant research helps you either prove or disprove your hypothesis – and isĀ repeatable. Of course as with all research, there are many ways in.


How we might apply ‘math’ to get to the bottom of it…

  • Message Engagement Meter
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Customer loyalty research
  • Geo-demographic studies
  • Geo-fencing location studies
  • Paired comparison and forced choice benefit testing
  • Public opinion polls
    • Web
    • Phone
    • Store/location intercept
    • Mobile phone studies

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