Branding Workshops

There's more to life than SWOT

When you’re dealing with Snoop Dogg, he brings you closer to the brand and it feels like it’s a part of you.

- Snoop Dogg, mogul

Brands aren’t simply a logo or a tagline. They’re an experience. They’re a culmination of encounters with your products, your services, your marketing, and your presence. And at Level 7 Market Research, we offer a range of workshops, which have been specially created to help the development and growth of your brand. We will work with you to design a brand workshop with one or a combination of these that best fits your needs.


How we uncover your brand essence…


Using images, phrases and brands, Level 7 walks your team through profiling exercises to get you thinking projectively with visual stimuli. Your team is divided into three to four groups and assigned the task of profiling competitors, customers and prospects, or even product sets.



Through our Fusion module, Level 7 professionals will work with your team in a structured brainstorming session. Using existing brands and companies, we will explore over a dozen different brand positioning tactics and what elements of your brand resonate for each. Your team will then rank each idea across different variables to create strong threads for effective messaging and positioning.


Persona Workshop

Level 7 Market Research has a very robust persona development workshop which we will custom fit for your needs. Beyond simply identifying and clarifying your assumptions of segments, specific demographics, and the percent of business and influence each has in the buying cycle, Level 7 has developed several modules that we apply to this workshop.

  • Persona Quadrants – In a structured session, we will work with your team to define your individual personas in a number of areas.
Demographics Wants, Needs, Goals, and Motivations
Pain Points and Barriers Key Questions we need to answer
  • Spectrum Profiling – Plotting personas across various spectrums, customized for your brand and your customers.


  • “What would they say?” – Quoting exercises where we will explore what each persona would say when it comes to your brand or your competitor.
  • Create your Elevator speech – You have 15 seconds. Sell your brand to this persona.
  • Mapping commonalities – We examine where crossover occurs between the personas’ wants and where goals coincide. What, if anything is missing that you need to tell them? What are the eye-openers? What are the blind spots?


Target Journeys

This module looks at how the different targets would approach your brand along the buying process and where they would interact with it. The structured mapping looks at gap analysis, how your customers and stakeholders interact at each step of the journey, what improves that interaction, and where advocacy begins. This module will provide your team with a better understanding of how the target will interact with your brand and where the gaps in communication are.


Tactics and Brand Assessment

This exercise looks at how your brand creates significance, engagement and confidence based on your current set of tactics and your aspirational goals of connecting your brand. The exercise allows us to uncover the gaps that you may have with your targets and how to engage multiple stakeholders, both internally or externally.

In the Tactics and Brand Assessment module, the group will participate in a structured brainstorming session to explore existing challenges, assets, and opportunity areas, and set priorities on tactics and development options.


Success Definition

The premise of this module is “what does success look like?” Level 7 moderators will facilitate and tease out these stories through a number of different activities. They could be customer success stories, outcome related success, experience-related success, or where you want to take the brand next. The goal is to move targets from a point of inactivity or interference towards discovery and advocacy.


These are merely a few of the tools in the toolbox to uncover your brand’s essence and get your marketing going in the right direction. And no, you probably don’t need them all. We will work with you to design the workshop that best fits your needs.


Fo’ shizzle.

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