Branding Market Research

Understanding how to get there is half the battle
Research methodologies aside, branding doesn’t require a prescriptive ‘system’. It requires an agnostic, modular approach – not one size fits all. It’s not what you do to uncover your brand – it’s the questions you ask that help you get there.

  • What does the market look like today and how does our brand stand out?

  • What can we stand for and live by?

  • What influences our customers, prospects, clients and stakeholders and makes them tick?

Value propositions don’t just happen; they are usually the result of a discovery process that considers the entire context in which the branding campaign functions. Level 7 Market Research employs tools and techniques designed to help clients create branding strategies that work. Our discovery process is an efficient, collaborative, comprehensive and proven methodology that has been applied to many industries within both the business-to-business and consumer sectors.


How we uncover your brand essence…

  • Attitude and usage research
  • Concept testing
  • Brand audits
  • Branding workshops
  • Testing of communications tools, including advertising, print materials and websites

You say you have workshops, eh? Tell me more…

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