Case Studies

What have we been up to?
If you are curious to find out more about our past work, we have a few examples to share. Our experiences includes a variety of projects with a range of scope, methodologies and industries represented. And if you don’t see what you are looking for here, please ask us about your challenge. Each situation and solution is unique but our methods are tried and true.

Let us share our ideas about your challenge. Together we can make the complex relatable.

Stop Guessing. Start Thinking.

Healthcare Obstacles in Retail

A nationwide study of 2,000 participants (doctors, optical associates, patients and shoppers) uncovered key careabouts and concerns to address in consumer retail messaging.

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Brand Refresh

Level 7 partners applied their 7 lens approach to help an R&D and high-tech manufacturing company to make their brand, name and logo relevant to potential employees and prospective clients.

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Brand Insights for a Private School District

One of the largest private school districts in an upstate NY metro region struggled with declining enrollments and closings. The school believed it had a great story but needed to be told in a new way to get back in the mindset of parents.

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