Two-Thirds Support President Trump’s Stance on Re-Gifting. Where Do You Stand? 

December 17th, 2018 by Kathleen Costello


Level 7 Market Research is back this year with an update on our 2016 Holiday Survey. In 2016, we looked at holiday relevant topics through a current events lens. And what was in the news in 2016? The Presidential election of course. This year we’re back with our 2018 Holiday Survey to see if anything has changed.

As we comb through the 2018 results, one of the data points caught my attention because of a recent discussion I had about the notion of re-gifting. 66% of our respondents are Completely or Somewhat in favor of re-gifting. Huh?! I admit, I’m astonished at that number and obviously very naïve on this topic. Apparently there are even guidelines on how to re-gift appropriately.

Personally, I have never re-gifted an item. Not that I’m against it – it just never occurred to me. My theory on re-gifting is based on that discussion with my friend. I think there must be some people who find themselves in situations ripe for re-gifting – like families with young kids, and other people that don’t – like me.

Looking at the numbers by generation (Purple = Under 40, Blue = 40-59, Green = 60+), the youngest group is most likely to be Completely or Somewhat in favor of the practice. Perhaps the concept of re-gifting has become more accepted over the years or maybe this group is really into recycling. Or as my friend pointed out, families with children may find themselves with multiples of the same item, as she often does – or an overabundance of brand-new things that just make sense to re-gift.

Clearly, people of all ages and status re-gift (even our President) and for many different reasons. Tell us where you stand. Have you ever re-gifted an item or received something you suspect was a re-gift?