Case Study: Healthcare Obstacles in Retail

Converting patients from private eyecare to retail.


An eyeglass lens maker wanted to better understand how they were perceived by consumers and the staff responsible for educating customers about eyewear choices. With an ultimate goal of converting more customers to purchase their lenses over other brands, they asked a major retailer to partner with them in a study to speak to eye doctors, optical associates, eye center customers and shoppers who wear eyeglasses.


Level 7 partners completed five simultaneous studies for a major retailer and a lens manufacturer across the US. In total, Level 7 partners interviewed nearly 2,000 participants – including vision center patients and shoppers using store intercept methodologies, opticians via an online study, and store personnel through a phone study. Level 7 partners met a very demanding schedule and delivered results within 8 weeks.


The research findings concluded that patients and customers had a relatively high awareness of optical centers and eyeglass lens brands, despite concerns of optical center staff that shoppers lacked familiarity. The study showed the importance of delivering messages about convenience, high quality, value and health to patients and customers. To convert more shoppers to patients, the retailer needed to focus on awareness and credibility along with doctor/staff experience, online information and insurance coverage.

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