Case Study: Brand Refresh

Attracting new talent and business.


An R&D and high-tech manufacturing company with locations across the country, was concerned that they’d outgrown their name and approach to marketing. They needed to recruit top talent and stand out among their competition and wanted to revisit their brand, logo and name as well as recruiting practices.


Collaborating with team leaders, Level 7 partners implemented our 7 Lens approach, which featured an in-depth analysis of customers, candidates, competitors and communications channels. Interviews were conducted in person and over the phone with recent hires and lost candidates to better understand their perceptions of the company during the recruitment and interview process. Customers were asked their opinions of working with the company, thoughts about the brand and company name. Personas (demographic and psychographic profiles) were created based on secondary data analysis to give names and faces to their potential recruits and customers. These resources were also used to analyze standard of living, average income, quality of life and proximity to large military bases and top engineering schools to pinpoint cities where recruiting efforts or office expansion should be focused. Several reports, recommendations and presentations were very well received by management.


The R&D company launched its new brand and the success of the initial research projects paved the way for several other assignments including brand and product advertising, collateral design, online recruitment programs and a new web site.


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