Kelly Staruck


This is My Story

My history

I’ve worked in research for nearly 20 years , including a decade focused on marketing communications research for an advertising agency’s clients and the agency itself. I started in quantitative research and eventually found the right opportunity that would allow me to do it all – quantitative, qualitative and everything in-between. Over the years I’ve worked on brands that are focused on a variety of audiences from Moms to Physicians to Contractors.

What I love about research

Messaging research is the most exciting and at times the most challenging – especially for B2B. I love digging to find all of the relevant data: customer insight, market intelligence, management perspective and linking it together in a way that uncovers a true brand story. I’m a believer of using a mix of research methods to get the most complete picture.

My favorite part is revealing messaging choices to a client and seeing them nod their heads in agreement that we’ve captured the best features and emotions of their brand… it just hits home. And that’s why I do this – I love using my skills and experience to help others and make them the hero to their clients.

 Watch Out!

I always wanted to play football since my dad was a coach. Mom was not a fan (big surprise). My first chance to play as an adult was when I learned of women’s rugby in Rochester, NY and joined the Renegades. I loved the competition and it got me in the best shape of my life. And finally a chance at a full contact sport that’s the real deal. No helmets! And I made a fabulous impression when meeting my future in-laws for the first time – with a nice shiner.

Brands I’ve Worked With

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