Kathleen Costello

Senior Managing Partner

This is My Story

My history

I’ve been practicing user experience research in some form or another for over 30 years. I began my career conducting usability/user interface studies, and quickly branched out into user panels, product placements, ethnographic studies, focus groups and more. My experience applying qualitative methods and techniques extends to a variety of verticals including healthcare, technology, construction, and others, and has allowed me to talk with people in almost every age bracket – from teens to seniors.

What I love about research

My passion for qualitative research stems from a genuine curiosity about why people think and behave the way they do. I love speaking with individuals as well as groups, and have literally talked with thousands of people in my time as a researcher. Every conversation is a personal quest to learn everything I can about the topic at hand.

I’ve had many memorable interviews during my career. Like the time the family dog jumped into my car and refused to exit. Or the time I stepped way too hard on a pet chinchilla (it survived). I’ve had a few that were frightening, some that were humorous, and others deeply moving. Experiences like these fuel my passion for qualitative research and keep me looking forward to the next project.

Things I Love to Do

I could spend hours watching my backyard bird feeders–there is so much drama to be seen if you only take the time to observe it! Just give me a glass of wine and my binoculars and I’m all set.

Recently I’ve gotten into playing Fantasy Football. Yes, qualitative researchers can love (well, maybe just “use”) stats too. Not only does it make watching the games on TV a little more interesting but I love the idea of competing based on how I select and manage my players.

Brands I’ve Worked With

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