John Richelsen

Senior Managing Partner

This is My Story

My history

Market research is in my DNA. I’ve been working in marketing and advertising my entire career and finding nuances, a-ha’s, and differentiating threads is what makes this job great. Whether it’s digging through data or conducting small group interviews or examining shopper or channel behavior, I am always seeking those connections between client goals and customer motivators.

What I love about research

Clients often ask, “are you a numbers guy or a facilitator guy?” And actually, I’m both. Have you ever taken one of those right brain/left brain tests? Mine always end up smack down the middle. 49% one way, 51% the other (or vice versa). Being able to weigh both qualitative and quantitative equally has given me a unique perspective on when it’s a data solution or when the solution is in the turn of the phrase. It’s allowed me to work on branding and messaging projects, tracking studies, new product launches, competitive analyses, etc. from brands as big as GE and Walmart to as small as local accounting firms and start-ups.

I believe in being methodology agnostic. That is, I want to give you the best way to reveal the solution. Or give you the fodder to let you get to that end. Because I’m as excited about finding the right way in as you are.

 My Guilty Pleasure Movie

Everyone has that movie on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon that you just can’t skip past even though you’ve seen it many times before. And it’s usually bad. For some it may be Dirty Dancing or The Notebook or Rocky IV. For me, it’s the original Point Break. Something about the Swaz playing Bodie, the Zen surfer. Or Keanu Reeves in his preeminent role as Johnny Utah, the adrenalin junkie FBI agent that makes me pause and watch it – one more time. We are the Ex-Presidents! What’s yours?

Brands I’ve Worked With

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