Just what makes your customer do that?
  • What makes your prospects tick?

  • What are their drivers for consideration and purchase?

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we marketers know that consumer behavior can be driven by many factors. They can be driven by life cycle, social influences, values, beliefs, affiliation, pricing, perceived qualities, or any number of differing factors.

At Level 7, we know that with as many different influences that drive purchase behaviors, there are as many ways to uncover that information. That’s why we look at finding those motivations through a variety of research tactics.

To explore what makes your target engage with your brand, we employ several different strategies – each custom designed to meet your needs and your budget. The methodologies may include:

  • Quantitative attitude & usage studies
  • Brand drivers
  • In depth interviews
  • Customer focus groups
  • as well as many other tactics