Mapping the customer journey

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

- Jerrry Garcia, musician

It’s not always the destination. Sometime the gems are in the journey. Not all market research is through a computer, in a focus group facility, or on the phone. The end user experience isn’t always interpreted through traditional methods. You don’t get the viewpoint from your customers’ perspective.

  • How do your marketing initiatives translate in the field?

  • Are your customers and prospects doing what you hoped they would?

  • Do they see your brand, your products, and your marketing materials as you planned?

Connection research isn’t just about ringing the cash register or making online purchases. It’s where you find the link from your marketing to what they actually do. Level 7 Market Research’s professional staff is steeped in field research and can design ethnographic plans, shop along studies, and user interface experience exploration.

Through Connections, we do not just evaluate the sale, but the entire customer journey along the way.