Tracking your key measures

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.

- John Wanamaker, retailer

In the age where everything seems to be measurable, you have to not only understand where your money is being spent but also where your campaigns are moving the needle.

  • Where does your brand stand in the eyes of your customers and clients?

  • How are you tracking against your key performance indicators?

  • How will you know what success looks like if you don’t measure its progress?

Level 7 Market Research can help you benchmark how your brands and marketing campaigns perform across a number of tactics and targets. Level 7 employs state of the art brand and product tracking studies to ensure your marketing is doing what you want it to do today and allow you to course-correct as necessary.

As experienced research professionals, we will design the right solutions for you to track what’s important to your challenges. Level 7 doesn’t approach a situation with a one-size-fits-all awareness or Net Promoter study (though we can give you those as well). We understand your measurement challenge is unique and customize the research accordingly.