How We Work

Our Market Research Lenses

Market research isn’t always easy to decipher…

At Level 7 Market Research, we make the process simpler and more meaningful. We apply our unique 7 lens approach to help clients solve their challenges and uncover messaging that will resonate with those that matter most.

We are experienced in applying the right amount of science while efficiently utilizing data and resources to produce actionable insights within each client’s budget and timeline. We care about making clients look good and it shows in our results.

Together we make the complex relatable.


Understanding what drives your customers and prospects to invest time, money, and effort in your brand is key in developing successful strategies.


Uncover what you’re currently doing that sets you apart and look for customer needs not currently addressed in your ever-fragmented marketplace.


Measuring key performance indicators and campaigns helps you prove your marketing worked, adapt to changes as they happen, and improve moving forward.


We’re steeped in qualitative techniques – where you hear the things you haven’t heard before and find the “a-ha!” moments.


In field research helps you gather insight to not just evaluate the sale, but the customer journey along the way.


Robust social listening methodology can uncover and measure customer engagement, help you avoid pitfalls, and capitalize on opportunities.


We bring an innovative and comprehensive approach to assessing your brands, your customers, and your market. We will work with you to bring the best solutions to light.

Wondering if insight driven research will help you reach your business goals? Contact us for a free 30 minute phone consultation. Or just drop us an e-mail if you're not the phone talkin' type.