About Level 7 Market Research

Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who? (windmill guitar)
Level 7 Market Research management team
Our 70+ years of research experience results in an efficient process that delivers actionable, data driven insights. We’re a certified women-owned business. We are steeped in many, many research methods and approaches that uncover results you can use.


Yes, we crunch numbers and run focus groups.

But we also work with clients and creative teams to develop and refine brand architecture including concepts, positioning, taglines, logos and full creative execution. We understand this world and can speak the language. We are a research partner that understands marketing and how to apply data to help solve your challenges.

Let’s start thinking about your data and brand in a new way.
Our 7-Lens Approach

Our 7-Lens Approach

Our unique, solution based approach

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Who we are

We're real people. We can prove it!

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Client experience

“Who’d work with you people?” Here’s an abridged list.

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